Austin High School moves prom hoping to avoid weekend storms

DECATUR, Ala. -- School leaders in Decatur are preparing for more rough weather this weekend.  Austin High School is planning on hosting their prom one night early in hopes of dressing up for better weather.

As school lets out from AHS on Thursday afternoon, the dash is on. "Get the tux fixed, get everything made, then haircuts, the girls were complaining about their hair appointments," Austin High junior Jamaal Burks said.

Young men getting dressed up for prom this weekend had to pick up their tuxes one day early.

"This place helped us out too, because I had no idea what I was doing," Burks said.

Though there's barely a cloud in the sky just yet, Austin school leaders are watching the chance for weekend storms, and have decided to move Saturday's prom to Friday.

"We know it's an inconvenience to people, but safety was the biggest factor here," Decatur schools director of operations Dwight Satterfield said.

Austin's prom will happen at Ingalls Harbor. School leaders say it doesn't cost them any more money moving prom up one day since they booked the venue for two days. It is less time for kids to get ready, they admit, but they hope to avoid the alternative, having prom in a thunderstorm.

"I think it'd be really hard to work around the rain," Burks said. "People have to take pictures. I'm just glad they found a date this quickly and make it happen, so hopefully, it goes over well."

"You're never going to hit everyone's schedule when you have to make a change like that. You do the best you can, there are going to be inconveniences no matter what," Satterfield said.

School leaders say they looked at every weekend through the end of school, but the venue is booked. They're hoping for a fun Friday night for around 200 kids.

Students we spoke with say many of the young women attending were given excused absences Friday to get ready. Prom lead out happens Friday at Austin High's auditorium at 5:00 p.m.