Scottsboro High’s Victory Tree is coming down

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. – It’s the end of a tradition but the memories of Scottsboro High School’s Victory Tree will last forever. Storms damaged the tree and Wednesday morning, school officials started the process of cutting it down.

The SHS Victory Tree saw 200 – 300 years of life. The school used it to celebrate many of their major accomplishments. “The manner in which we use the tree as a place to meet with kids,” said Superintendent Jose Reyes.

“They roll the tree when we win certain events and just for special occasions, it’s just not a safe place right now.” Unfortunately, the Victory Tree could not weather last week’s storms, and today ends its era.

“It took two major limbs off of the tree causing it to become unbalanced. When the tree limbs came off, we were able to determine there was significant damage,” said Superintendent Reyes.

School officials brought in experts from the Alabama Forestry Commission to inspect the tree. A representative from the Huntsville Botanical Garden also performed a core test. “There was only about seven inches of a 57-inch diameter at the base of the tree that was actually salvageable wood.”

These references all had the same solution, which was to cut down the tree. It couldn’t be saved and it wasn’t safe. “We really wanted to save the tree and we’ve exhausted everything we can think of,” said Reyes.

Although the tree will be no more, Scottsboro High will still commemorate its legacy. “You know it’s an emotional time for our kids. It’s an emotional time for our community. We not sure exactly what we’re going to do with this site but we still want to make it a place where our kids can meet.”

They’ve saved a few pieces from the Victory Tree to incorporate in whatever memorial they will choose the create. Superintendent Reyes says it’ll take the rest of the week to completely cut it down.