PA system stolen from baseball team with disabilities

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Miracle League of North Alabama opened its season this week.  The non-profit provides opportunities for those with disabilities to play baseball, but fans won't be able to hear the athletes' names after someone stole the league's PA system.

"We keep that room locked and this whole building stays locked usually," President, Board of Directors Doug Schulte explained.

Schulte doesn't know who could have stolen it but believes it had to be someone with access to the room. He said there's no sign of anything being broken into.

The equipment costs about $1,500. Shulte said whoever stole the PA system did more than just take an expensive piece of equipment they impacted the lives of 200 plus players. Also, their family and friends.

"Our kid's faces when they hear their names announced over the loudspeaker is really something to see. It's an enjoyable thing to hear their name on the speaker and see the smile on their face when they come up to bat," Shulte said

The Miracle League caters to people all of ages with disabilities. Organized sports aren't a luxury for them, so The Miracle League means a lot to the players.

Shulte has a special connection to the league. His son Conner was a player. "Conner was special needs. He was in a wheelchair. We heard about The Miracle League and joined. Conner enjoyed The Miracle League. He played until he passed away in 2014," Shulte explained.

Overall, Shutle said it is disappointing their system is gone, but to take it away from kids who really appreciate it is heartbreaking.

A parent has started a "You Caring" page to raise funds to buy a new PA system.