DUE FRIDAY: Apply to be the artist for Huntsville’s next mural installation

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The city of Huntsville has been upping its mural game for the past couple of years now, and the next installation is expected this spring.

What that mural will be and who the artist is is still up for grabs—with applications due this Friday.

“We’re looking for something that is vibrant and exciting and really captures the creative spirit and innovative spirit of our community," said Daniela Perallon with Arts Huntsville. "And it will be something, we hope, that the community will want to engage with.”

Any artist can apply, even if you’ve never done mural work. Just send in a resume along with some art samples. When a finalist is selected, a sketch of your Huntsville mural vision will be the next step. The selected artist will be paid eight thousand dollars for their work.

More information on the application process and criteria can be found here.

The main qualification for a new mural location is somewhere where there’s a lot of foot traffic.

“We are looking at two different locations here in downtown that people will be passing by every single day," Perallon said. "We’re also looking at some sort of more out there locations. One of which would be along a greenway which is also a heavily trafficked space, but not so much in the epicenter of town.”

Artists will be selected based on the quality of their work, and of course, their enthusiasm for the city of Huntsville.