Domestic Violence Crisis Services needs canned goods by April 18

DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. - Domestic Violence Crisis Services provides several forms of help for women needing a way out of abusive situations.

Not only does the shelter provide a place of comfort and rest but food as well. "Our meats are furnished by local farmers and by people that make donations of meat. Right now, we're extremely low on canned goods, so we just decided to start a canned good drive," said Marth Tcherneshoff, the outreach coordinator.

This organization is asking for the community's help to provide canned goods or even host a drive for the shelter. "We hope that people will get together and maybe do it with different groups and bring the canned goods here or we can pick them up," said Tcherneshoff.

The shelter houses 16 beds and it's currently at maximum capacity. Martha said it takes a lot of food to feed 16 people and maybe even some children. "We'd like to make sure that we have plenty of food for these girls because some of them leave with nothing but the clothes on their back, the children with just the clothes on their back."

With the number of domestic violence cases on the rise, DVCS says this food and shelter are much needed. "Anything that people want to donate. We've already had one lady call and say I'll give you all a check because I can't get out and buy food," said Tcherneshoff. She says any little assistance will help.

Canned goods donations can be dropped off at the DVCS office on 310 Grand Avenue SW in Fort Payne, Alabama. If your organization needs assistance with a pick up, you can call (256) 979- 1202.