Charity Motquin brings out the talent at Cedar Hill Elementary – Wins $319

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. – There are several rising stars at Cedar Hill Elementary in Ardmore.

Why you ask? It’s because of Charity Motquin.

And according to Assistant Principal Kelly Lewter, they’re highly skilled.

“She started a talent show for students which is a lot of fun for students and the teachers as well we enjoying seeing the students you know get to show their talents. Talents we don`t normally to maybe see,” said Lewter.

And talented they are! From cheerleading, to karate, to dancing….

No doubt Mrs. Motquin is a tools for teachers winner! So, where did Mrs. Motquin get the idea for this extra-curricular activity?

“I did drama while I was in school and I just wanted to give the kids an opportunity to express themselves in different ways.” said Motquin.

As for her kids….

“I have 3 groups of the best children at Cedar Hill. They are wonderful, they are smart, they always listen….oh wait, they most of the time listen….They are just great kids, can`t do better.”

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