Transforming a soda can into a bottle seems too good to be true…and Snap Caps prove that it is

Snap Caps are a plastic, reusable, snap-on top that can turn average-sized soda cans into bottles. They claim to spill-proof and keep your soda fresh longer.

Once you’ve opened a can, hold it firmly, and with downward even pressure, push the cap down until you hear a snap! It seems to be a tight fit, but when we test its spill-proofability—it’s a let down right off the bat.

We decided to at least have some fun with these leaky bottle caps by dropping them over and over again until the snap caps rocket off the top. They wouldn't survive a spill off of a tabletop!

Our recommendation—if you want a soda that doesn’t spill, just splurge and buy it in a bottle!

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud