Madison County judges recuse themselves from hearing sex abuse case against former sheriff’s office investigator

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The seven judges of the Madison County Circuit Court have recused themselves from hearing the sex abuse case of former Madison County Sheriff’s Office investigator Roland Campos.

Campos was arrested in August 2017.

The decision, made at the end of March by presiding Circuit Judge Alan Mann, follows a request for recusal by Campos’ attorney Richard Jensen.

In the order, Mann wrote, “the defendant was a former Sheriff's Deputy who is well known by the Judges of this Circuit.”

That follows the argument made by the defense. Attorney Jensen said Campos, a 27-year veteran of Madison County law enforcement, knows nearly everyone who works at the Madison County Courthouse.

It also argues that Campos has had contact with every Madison County judge and prosecutor either as a case agent or witness.

The Madison County District Attorney’s Office has also recused itself from prosecuting Campos. He is being prosecuted by the Alabama Attorney General’s office.

The motion for recusal argues there’s a perception problem attached to the case, which drew wide attention when Campos was arrested in August 2017.

“The above-captioned matter has been highly publicized and the media coverage has elicited a widespread belief on the part of Madison County residents that ‘the fix is in’ and that the Defendant is either guaranteed a conviction or guaranteed an acquittal,” the defense filing argues.

The filing says because Campos` son was previously convicted of child molestation there is a media fueled perception that Campos is either from a family of molesters, or raised a family of molesters.

WHNT has previously reported that Campos' son was convicted of child molestation, his brother was also charged with child molestation but the case was dropped because prosecutors said the victim was too traumatized to testify.

And WHNT has reported Campos was previously investigated by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation on a child sex allegation. He was never charged with any wrongdoing in that investigation.

Campos is currently facing a charge of sexually touching a middle school student.

Mann has asked the Alabama Administrative Office of Courts to provide a judge to preside over the Campos case.





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