Local gyms brings baby goat yoga classes to the mat

MADISON, Ala. - Exercising every day requires a lot of time, commitment, and energy. One of the newest surveys out says most people would prefer to pop a pill or sip some tea to treat high blood pressure rather than exercise.

If only there was a way to make exercise more appealing. One local gym thinks it has the answer. It's the craze that's sweeping the nation, goat yoga!

RedX Fitness, located in Madison, Decatur and Hartselle, says the baby goats, supplied by Humble Heart Farms, make it hard to be disappointed by a class when you're surrounded by so much cuteness.

And it's not their first goat yoga class. The classes are for members only, and you have to sign up ahead of time. The gym owner says they're planning more classes in the future, and will publish schedules to their social media pages.