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Frustration grows for Decatur families still waiting on power

DECATUR, Ala. - Nearly 100 homes were damaged during Tuesday's storm in Decatur. And city leaders say at least a handful of those homes will have to be torn down. "It's awful. You can't really do anything about it," Brian Perez said while looking at his car which was crushed by a tree.

Crumpled cars and crippled houses are easy to spot on Decatur's northwest side.

"This is the worst damage I've seen in our city since 1974," Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling said.

C.F. Penn Hamburgers is still closed for roof damage.

Shantrez Gardner couldn't cook lunch if she wanted to. "All my food's spoiled," Gardner said. Her whole week is spoiled after Tuesday night's storm brought down an oak on a power line in her backyard.

"Nobody's going to want to remove the tree because of that, but they can't come out because it's raining," Gardner said.

She's one of around 100 families who were still waiting on power on Friday. Down the street, two massive oaks narrowly missed the Perez home.

"God is big. God has a big heart for us," Brian said. "And we're just thankful nobody was injured."

Like the trees, several families are uprooted, waiting for the lights to come back.

"I have two kids. They're both on breathing treatments. We just left the doctor, they both tested positive for strep. So, not being at home is inconvenient," Gardner said.

Gardner has been moving from hotel room to hotel room, while Decatur Utilities workers move from pole to pole, cutting limbs and restoring power.

Decatur Utilities says if you still don't have power, you can call (256)552-1400. You can also go outside and check your meter box or weather head. If that's damaged, it'll have to be fixed by an electrician before you can get your power back.