Neighbors pitch in to clean up after the storm

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DECATUR, Ala. -- People in Decatur are slowly getting their power turned back on after Tuesday night's storm.

People on the northwest end of town are pitching in to help one another out.

No sense wasting a sunny day.

Tuesday's storm in Decatur may have been short-lived, but it was strong enough to uproot trees and knock out power to hundreds.

"From all indications, these were microbursts and straight-line winds that came through at 70, 75, 80 miles an hour," Joe Holmes, the communications director for Decatur Utilities said.

Decatur Utility workers spent the day stringing line and replacing snapped poles around town.

"For every negative comment we get, we probably get 10 folks saying, thank you for what you're doing and for working nonstop," Holmes said.

While most streets have been cleared, gassed up chainsaws are getting a workout.

When thinking about the storm Tuesday night in Decatur, sheer devastation is not exactly what comes to mind. Still, a tree falling on a house or a car is enough to ruin anybody's week. But, one thing you are noticing among the sawdust and broken glass on the northwest side is a can-do spirit. Neighbors pitching in to help each other get back to where they need to be.

"It means a lot. I'm from the northwest. This is where I'm from," volunteer Walter Jones said.

It's honest work, but certainly not easy work, as Jones and his friends prove a good deed is its own reward.

"That's the most important thing. Everybody's got breath in their body. Nobody got hurt," Jones said. "All of that can be fixed, you can replace that."

And neighbors on this street say it won't be long before this block is beautiful once again.

Holmes says crews from Hartselle, Athens, Florence and Cullman Electric also pitched in to help restore power in Decatur.

As of Thursday night, Decatur Utilities say there are around 20 outages and less than 500 customers who are still in the dark.

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