Local restaurant cited for storing jugs of bleach on food prep tables

Morgan County

Las Vias Mexican Grill

1000 Beltline Road SW, Decatur


  • Unlabeled toxic cleaners
  • No date labels on cooked chicken, soup or beans
  • Bare hand contact with ready to eat food

Score: 80

Hibachi Express 

1720 6th Avenue, Decatur


  • Jug of bleach being stored on food prep table
  • Dirty can opener blade
  • Residue on plastic pans and bins

Score: 82 (repeat offender)

Lauderdale County

Dairy Queen

570 South Court Street, Florence


  • No date on mushroom sauce
  • Lettuce with incorrect date

Score: 85

Marshall County

Cazadores Fresh Mexican Grill

4682 Main Street, Grant


  • Hose connected without back flow prevention device
  • Cheese and other cold holding foods in cooler at 50 degrees

Score: 79

Clean Plate Recommendation:

What's Popp'N 

7900 Bailey Cove Road S, Huntsville

Score: 100