Goose Pond Colony has uprooted trees and debris floating around after storm

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - Tuesday night's storm moved across north Alabama causing damage, even for those living off land. Goose Pond Colony in Scottsboro experienced a lot of debris near those staying in boat houses at the resort.

Many at the resort woke up to several uprooted trees and debris all over the premises. "There are trees floating down the river. They've blown down into the water. They've floated offshore," said Stephen Clark of Goose Pond Colony.

Furniture was blown off one of the boat docks where boat house residents live. "Evidently, when the straight line winds came through, it blew a big cabinet off a dock," said Clark.

Boaters and residents are advised to proceed through the water with extreme caution because the excess debris could be dangerous to both them and their vehicles.

"I've been through a lot of storms on boats, usually out at sea," said Clark.

Goose Pond advises residents to tie their boats down and dock at a safe harbor while monitoring the weather. But that isn't always a foolproof plan.

"As you know in Decatur, the roof came down on top of a bunch of boats. It's definitely a possibility here also," said Clark.

Those who live in the area and who have lived through other storms, know evacuating and leaving the boat behind, needs to be at the front of their minds. "Well, your best bet is to not leave your slip. Get off the boat and make yourself safe because the boat can be replaced."

Besides the many trees blown across the resort, there wasn't any other damage done to the property. Goose Pond officials say it'll take the rest of the week to get everything cleaned up.

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