Woman says thief stole irreplaceable memories when they took deceased daughter’s cell phone

DECATUR, Ala. - A woman in Decatur says she's upset because someone broke into her car over the weekend. The thief stole a cell phone that belonged to her daughter, who was killed five years ago.


Jackie Cook lost her daughter, Augustea to a car accident five years ago. Over the weekend, Cook says someone stole Augustea's phone from her car.

Jackie Cook was enjoying a pleasant Saturday evening at a friend's house in Decatur. "She looked over there and said, 'your light's on'," Cook said.


Cook hadn't locked her car and quickly discovered a thief had taken advantage. "Opened up the car door and saw the glove box open," Cook said.

Cook says a thief found her purse and stole two cell phones that were inside, one was hers, the other formerly belonged to her daughter Augustea, who died five years ago.

"It had all of her pictures, all of her texts, everything on it," Cook said. "So, that's what means more to me than anything else."

Cook says the phone was a Samsung Galaxy S-3. These days, it doesn't fetch much on the open market, but Cook says that was one of the last tangible remnants of Augustea's memory.

"Other things, I can get done, but I can't get the cell phone back," Cook said.

Cook is hoping for a little luck, or the kindness of strangers. She says she's filed a report with Decatur police but says she'd be willing to pay to get the phone back.