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Morgan County woman is fed up with neighbor’s wandering pigs

EVA, Ala. -- A woman in Morgan County says a neighbor's pigs are getting a little too cozy in her backyard. Margo Gillespie says she's called the owner, police, animal control, yet the pigs keep showing up and she doesn't know what else to do.

For now, Gillespie says the only safe place to garden is her kitchen. "They've gotten into every flower bed that I have now," Gillespie said.

They would be a sounder of swine, pigs from her neighbor's property.

"They'll be right here when you come out the door sometimes," Gillespie said.

Gillespie says her neighbor bought pigs to control the overgrowth on his own property. But as the tracks in the mud indicate, the pigs don't stay where they're told, wandering out and rooting around her yard.

"I don't want to kill them, I just really don't want to go that route," Gillespie said.

To his credit, Gillespie says her neighbor has been receptive to her complaints and is in the process of putting up a new fence. Until it's finished, however, she says the pigs have no qualms about walking right through that and paying her a visit more than once a week.

"Animal control, the game warden, we had the sheriff's department out here a couple times," Gillespie said.

Now, she says she's tired of taking it on the chinny, chin, chin. Gillespie says civil court may be the next step, if the "not so little pigs" don't stay home.

The owner of the pigs did not want his name mentioned in this story and declined to appear on camera, but he did tell us that he sold 15 of the pigs Monday morning at the livestock auction in Russellville and plans to sell at least another dozen next week.