The popular Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail divides into two trail segments

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- The Downtown Huntsville Craft Beer Trail has been a year-round part of downtown culture since summer of 2016, and as Huntsville grows, the trail has grown with it.

The trail has been a draw for both Huntsvillians and visitors since its start-- you visit each stop, get your card stamped, and when your card is full, you win a prize.

It grew to 11 stops with the recent addition of Innerspace Brewing, and then some new rules were made.

"The trail had gotten really long to do 11 straight stops, then the Alcohol and Beverage Commission expressed some disagreement that you could have both craft beer stores and breweries on the trail," said Chad Emerson with Downtown Huntsville Inc. "And even though we disagree with that interpretation, we thought now would be a good time, to reinvent the trail and to create two segments."

Now you can complete two different trails: a craft brewery segment with 7 stops, and a craft beer store segment with 4 stops.

"It's become such a big tourist thing, people come into town and I see them going from place to place and it's just neat to see a collective group of people excited about this," said Ethan Couch, general manager of Yellowhammer Brewing.

"It's less of this commercial enterprise, it's more just trying to help local small business, in this case, local breweries and local craft beer stores," Emerson said.

Five thousand craft beer trail stamp cards have been given out so far. And now, with the new two-trail setup, the next wave's a coming!

Whether you accomplish both trails in one week or one year, it's a must for your Huntsville bucket list. You can get your own craft beer brewery or craft beer store card from any of the locations along the trail.



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