Teacher working to provide flexible seating for students to help improve learning

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SECTION, Ala. - Many teachers are learning that traditional classroom values don't always work with today's generation. "I know when I'm at home and I'm working on things, I choose to sit on the couch or a more comfortable chair than a desk," said Ashley Paschal, a teacher at Section School.

Ashley is asking the community for help to provide flexible seating for their classrooms. "It kind of just gives the kids an option of different places to sit in the classroom," said Ashley.

"They're more comfortable than desks. I'm going to leave some of the desks in case those kids like them better." Recent studies involving flexible seating shows that it not only provides comfort for the students, but it gives students the chance to have some control and make a choice in their learning environments.

It also promotes community learning, communication, and sensory input. "I think it's something at adds interest and excitement. It's different options and it's more comfortable."

Ashley is looking to add other options like bean bag chairs and stools. "We are allotted certain funds at the beginning of the year, teacher money, but we can only use them on certain things and certain places." She says anything she can do to get her 7th graders motivated about learning, she wants to add to her classroom.

If you would like to donate to help students with flexible seating, you can click here for more information.

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