Community members organize meeting to discuss Tanner High School principal placed on paid leave

LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. - Support continues for a local educator that was recently placed on administrative leave for unknown reasons.

Tanner High School Principal Louis Gordon was placed on paid leave March 12. Limestone County Superintendent Tom Sisk said the move was made in the best interest of the students, faculty, and staff after multiple complaints against Gordon.

In response, the Round Island Creek Missionary Center organized a community meeting Thursday evening to discuss Principal Gordon and to allow community members to voice their opinions on the matter. 

"He's all over the Tennessee Valley. Everywhere you see, Mr. Gordon placed on administrative leave. People are asking questions, 'What did he do?'" NAACP Officer Leon Steele said.

The answer to Steele's question is something that will not be released until after a full investigation is conducted, according to Sisk.

Steele believes the complaints Superintendent Sisk is referring to are from teachers at the high school, who Steele said have openly shown their disapproval of hiring Gordon.

"He was placed in a hostile environment. The same people who erupted in that room on the day he was voted into the job are the same ones that created this climate," Steele explained.

Steele said he's noticed a trend in Limestone County Schools.

"That whole systemic racial discrimination in Limestone County educational system has to come to a stop," Steele explained.

Superintendent Sisk responded to WHNT News 19 about the charge that the school system being racist is a bogus statement. He said the school system works hard to make sure to recruit a diverse group of candidates for positions within the school and he added that there's no evidence that proves Steele's claims.

Steele said the community meeting will give people a chance to figure out what's next in the process to get Gordon back into Tanner High School. Officials from the school are not expected at the meeting.

Superintendent Sisk said human resources is continuing to investigate the claims against Gordon. He said the school board is expected to meet on April 3rd, but Sisk said that Gordon's suspension isn't on the agenda that night.