Teachers and law enforcement prepare for the worst during active shooter drills

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. - Albertville City School officials paired up with local law enforcement and responders to hold an active shooter drill. The goal of the drill was to get teachers to be proactive instead of reactive in emergency situations.

"They had a number of new teachers that had never been through our active shooter training, so this was kind of a tame event just so they can understand the flow and how the response will happen," said Detective Chad Ginn of the Albertville Police Department.

They set up a mock active shooter incident for teachers and law enforcement, going step-by-step through the proper response procedure. "With everything that's going on in the world now, I mean you need to at least go through your training regularly, a big scenario or small scenario, to some degree to stay proficient," says Detective Ginn.

These drills are used as practice, but to also fine tune the safety plans already in place. This tests what works and what doesn't work in emergency situations. "If you have thought about it, you're one step ahead. If you've actually trained on it, you're two steps ahead so that when it hits, you revert back to what we did in training."

One teacher told us, "It's very scary, but it does make us mentally prepare." While the drills help teachers and staff members feel more alert, Katie Corona of Albertville Primary School says it's sad that it's something they must worry about.

"Well, I think that it's very unfortunate in our times now that we have to actually think about these kinds of procedures that we have to put in place and going through to prepare ourselves so that we can keep our children safe," says Corona.

The schools will receive training through the drills at least once every school year.

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