Gema Sieh teaches Spanish speaking students English – Wins $319

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tenn. - Gema Sieh is a teacher at Highland Rim in Lincoln County, Tenn. Principal Billy Owens spells out exactly what Sieh does, "She teaches students that English is their second language. Their home language is Spanish."

Owens calls Sieh one of a kind. "She is a very unique individual. One of the first people I heard about when I got to Highland Rim, which was in July, was Mrs. Sieh." He goes on to explain, "She speaks multiple languages."

Mrs. Sieh work is truly extraordinary. "These boys arrived from Mexico in July of last year and they came with zero English. They no knowledge of the English language written or spoken." said Sieh.

I wonder where to even start. "We begin with what I call emergency English. Those phrases that are key like I don’t feel good, or I am sick, or something as basic as can I go to the restroom." said Sieh.

In just a few short months, these youngers with no prior knowledge, speak fluent English. Way to go Mrs. Sieh.

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