Residents say area where bicyclist was hit and killed is a dangerous stretch of road for pedestrians

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - A man was hit and killed while crossing the street in Huntsville early Monday morning.

It happened outside a Papa Jack's convenience store on Bob Wallace Avenue. Police say Julius Smith was trying to cross the street on his bike when he was hit by two vehicles.

Many people who live nearby say the place where Smith was killed is a dangerous stretch of road. "There's a blind spot there and sometimes people don't pay attention," said Jimmy Ha, who lives nearby.

"It's not really safe for pedestrians, considering a lot of people walk in this town," Ha said. People who often stop at Papa Jack's say they cringe every time they hear a story like Smith's. The stretch of Bob Wallace is four lanes, there's no nearby speed limit sign posted, no traffic signal and unfortunately, no crosswalk.

"You hear a lot of stories like that here," Ha said. "Like last year, somebody got hit off Zierdt walking. It's just, people need to pay attention."

Huntsville police closed off Bob Wallace on Monday morning for several hours. People in the area say the street is poorly lit, which would've made Smith hard to spot as he crossed the busy road.

Police tell us both drivers cooperated with police and so far, they don't plan to press charges.