Generous donation to Madison County Sheriff’s Office will help families keep track of loved ones with Alzheimer’s

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- A loved one going missing is a terrifying thought. But it happens every year to people living with Alzheimer's. Thankfully, a generous donation will help the Madison County Sheriff's Office help those patients and their families.

Just a simple gray bracelet.

"Each one is $300," Linda Baucom with the Pilot Club of Huntsville said.

The Huntsville Pilot Club donated trackers to the Madison County Sheriff's Office

"For the families who use them, it's an absolute lifesaver," said Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office has around 60 of those lifesaving bracelets they can use to find missing people. On Friday, they got 11 more, courtesy of the Huntsville Pilot Club.

"So, it's a tremendous help," said Sheriff Dorning. "Especially at times of year where you may have frigid weather.

"If we know where they are, and they're on foot and we can get there, it can be less than 20 minutes, as opposed to days," Baucom said.

The Pilot Club raises money through grants, donations, and fundraisers to pay for the trackers. Baucom says in nearly 20 years, they've never failed, though they're not always a hit with grandma or grandpa.

"We've had people hide it in the shoe the client wears every day," Baucom said.

The sheriff's office gives out the trackers based on submitted applications. On foot, the trackers can show up from a few miles away. From the air, that increases to about ten miles.

You can find out how to get one for a loved one by calling the Madison County Sheriff's office at (256) 722-7181 or by going to the Project Lifesaver website.

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