The Egglettes’ solution to not dealing with the mess of hard-boiled eggs is to not deal with the shell at all!

No more is there a need to struggle with removing the shell of a hard-boiled egg...Egglettes claim to make the process as easy as "crack, boil, and pop!"

Egglettes are a small, egg-shaped and heat safe silicone casing with a screw-on top. Directions say to coat the inside of the silicone cup with cooking spray-- crack one egg into each Egglette, being careful not to break the yolk for an egg most similar to a normal hard-boiled egg.

Screw on the top, and just like you'd cook an egg in the shell, bring it to a boil for the softness of your liking.

The Egglettes would sometimes sit a little unbalanced in the water, and we'd try to gently correct them without shaking the egg up too much.

After cooking time, remove the eggs and set them in a bowl of ice water to cool. We made two hard-boiled and two soft-boiled eggs. Popping them out of the Egglette cups was easier than peeling a shell, but the eggs didn't come out much *prettier* than the original peeling method. However, they were cooked all the way through and the yolk stayed intact.

Instead of just throwing away shells, we do have to clean the individual Egglette cups, but they are dishwasher safe.

If you're not too concerned about perfectly pretty hard-boiled eggs, and more about well-cooked eggs without dealing with the shell, then Egglettes are a fast n' easy way to do some hard-boilin'!