Falkville man captures stunning video of storm from backyard

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FALKVILLE, Ala. - It was a sight that most wouldn't dare be outside to see. As weather sirens went off in Morgan County, storm clouds swept across the sky in Falkville.

The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-1 tornado in the area.

The scary sight was a little too close to home for Gene Jenkins to resist.

It was around dinner time Monday night and his family was screaming at him to come inside. But before he did, he took out his cell phone and shot some dramatic video as the shelf cloud approached.

"It was the first time I've been close to something like that," Jenkins said.

The powerful storm moved in from the west. "It was maybe 15, 20 minutes," Jenkins said. "But, it was just ugly."

From their house, the family could see it for miles. "Living up here, if you get caught in a rainstorm, it`s your own fault, because you can see it coming," Jenkins said.

The storm came and went in less than a half hour.

"My wife, she was scared to death," Jenkins said. But it was strong enough to rip off some sheet metal roofing, blow down trees and cut the power.

The storm was short-lived, but his family is cleaning up a big mess this week. "It`s going to be a mess for a while," Jenkins said. A mess of cleaning up branches, and replacing a water line.

"God blessed us because we didn`t get hurt," Jenkins said.

Jenkins says in a similar storm last year, they lost a century-old black oak. This time, it was the four large pine trees. In both cases, it missed the house, and Jenkins says, he`s thankful.

The family spent the day fixing a water line, which was ruptured when one of the pine trees fell on it.

Jenkins also runs a poultry operation with his brother, but says, thankfully, none of their chickens were killed in the storm.

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