Hundreds of cars damaged by hail at Cullman car dealership

CULLMAN COUNTY, Ala. - There's a lot of storm damage in Cullman County.

Hail battered hundreds of cars on the lot of Mitch Smith Chevrolet. Jerry Hayes confirmed that nearly all of the windshields have busted and the vehicle bodies have sustained heavy damage. The same thing happened 23-years ago to the same dealership.

Every car, truck, SUV and van was damaged, some even got water damage inside after the windshields and windows were knocked out.

If there`s a bright side to this story, before closing for the day, they moved several of the more expensive cars like their corvettes inside. Those vehicles made it through the storm without a scratch.

Mitch Smith salesman Clint Chapman estimated the damage could exceed $4 million.


Grapefruit sized hail reportedly fell in the area.

Check out this surveillance footage time-lapse of the damage.