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Governors House Drive apartment fire leaves many residents with nothing

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - After a fire at an apartment building early Sunday morning, residents are trying to figure out how to move on.

Residents frantically escaped the burning apartment building on Governors House Drive just after 1 AM Sunday.

"We couldn't even see a foot out the front door. So we went to our balcony that faced outside and we just had to jump off that," said Austin Zeitler, a resident.

While fire officials are still investigating what went wrong, it has been a sad day for those who live there.

"I'm feeling sad for my stuff, for my kids. This is tough," explained Myrna Ribera. Fire officials boarded up the entrances to this building, so many couldn't even go inside to see the rubble that was their home.

"My wife was able to go back in early this morning, probably around 8:30am. She was able to get a couple of things. I didn't even grab my wallet and keys. I just got my daughter out as quickly as possible," says resident Sean Tyler.

Even though there's so much fear and uncertainty here, one thing makes these people grateful. They still have their lives.

"Last night, I was so scared for my neighbors," Ribera said.

Myrna Ribera first alerted the police of the fire, as well as the rest of her neighbors once she noticed the heavy smoke. Her next door neighbor says this sense of community is a blessing.

"It's a pretty close knit area. People are very neighborly, so I feel like that's one of the reason's she felt comfortable even coming and knocking on my door at that time," explained Tyler.

While many will be without their material items, they can all agree that they're glad
everyone could get out safely.