Rockaxe City Throwing Club hitting the target on entertainment in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Rockaxe City Throwing Club is anticipating a grand opening on Saturday, March 17 at 4:00 p.m. But, people will get a sneak peek inside the activity earlier in the day.

"We'll be over at the after party at Campus 805," General Manager Melissa Schanta Ravalli said. "We'll have our large mobile unit set up there, and we're going to charge five dollars just to get 10 minutes of free throw. We'll give you a coupon code. We're going to come back to the club at four where we're going to grand open."

Even if you're a newbie, the "axeperts" have all the "axeperience" you'll need to help you throw like a pro.

"They teach you how to throw, how to stand," Schanta Ravalli said.

Rockaxe also has leagues people can join.

"They're four times a year, one with every season," Schanta Ravalli explained. "They run eight weeks long, prices start at $120 a person. There's happy hour league, date night league and then late night league."

Rockaxe isn't just a special activity for downtown Huntsville; it's unique to the state. Those leagues even get to compete internationally.

"We're the only ax house in Alabama that's a part of the World Ax Throwing League," Schanta Ravalli said. "We'll have projectors so when you play other clubs in the world, you get to throw against them real time."

The throwing club is setting a moving target on their Washington Street space. The team is hoping to launch an upstairs venue too.

"We have plans in the future to open a bar up there," Schanta Ravalli said. "It'll be 21 and up."

If you want to learn more about the rules for Rockaxe, or more info about their other services, visit