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Day 2 of the NCAA Tournament! If you can’t watch, you can still keep up with this live blog

Day 1 brought excitement and upsets, and Day 2 promises more of the same. If you can’t watch the games, maybe you’re stuck at work, we can help. We’ll be live blogging the day’s action.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20186:45 pm

Well I guess I’ll sign off now. By the way in case you missed it, Nevada won. Texas fan Chase Horn is not happy. But that’s March for ya. Thanks for hanging out!!

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:37 pm

Under a minute to play in OT, Nevada up 83-79.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:35 pm

They’re trading back and forth here in OT. Nevada takes the 78-77 lead on a three.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:30 pm

No. 10 Texas and No. 7 Nevada—> Overtime.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:28 pm

Oh my. Texas loses the ball on the inbound pass, possession Nevada. 1.6 on the clock.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:27 pm

Jordan Caroline misses the first but drains the second to tie the game at 68 with 3.8 left!

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:25 pm

WOW. 3.8 seconds on the clock and Nevada is heading to the line! Texas big man Bo Mamba fouls out of the game Jordan Caroline will shoot 2 with Pack down one.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:22 pm

Texas and Nevada coming down to the wire! Longhorns lead 66-65 with 45.3 to play. Dylan Osetkowski is heading to the line for the Longhorns.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:10 pm

No. 5 West Virginia is pulling away now. They’re up 64-51 on Murray State with 8:10 left in the second half.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20185:09 pm

Definitely jinxed it. Kendall Stephens scores for Nevada to pull the Wolfpack within 2! They’re trying to mess with Texas.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20184:48 pm

Hope I didn’t jinx things for the boss. Wolfpack just cut the lead to 8.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20184:47 pm

Chase Horn’s No. 10 Texas Longhorns seem to be in control against No. 7 Nevada. They’re up by 10 right now but there’s plenty of time left. Just under 15 minutes in the second half.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20184:40 pm

Second half underway between Murray State and West Virginia. Mountaineers lead 43-34 but Racers aren’t going away just yet.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20184:06 pm

Meanwhile, Press Virginia is really getting to Murray State. Racers have 10 turnovers in the first half and the Mountaineers lead 32-22.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20184:05 pm

Everytime Arkansas starts to get something going, Butler answers. Bulldogs have the lead back up to 10 with just under 7 to play.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:54 pm

Arkansas is chipping away on a 7-0 run right now. They’ve pulled within 6 midway through the second half!

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:43 pm

After a 9-0 Texas run, Nevada has answered with back to back buckets. Longhorns with a 19-14 lead at the 10:57 mark in the first half.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:38 pm

It’s early in the Texas/Nevada game but the No. 10 Longhorns and No. 7 Wolfpack are knotted at 10.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:37 pm

Second half and Butler is still firing. Back to back threes has the Bulldogs up 10 over the Razorbacks at the16:33 mark.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:28 pm

Timeout in the UNC and Lipscomb game. Just under 12 to play, Heels with a comfortable 65-51.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:24 pm

This is what March Madness is all about. Sports rock.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:21 pm

No. 12 Murray State and No. 5 West Virginia are underway! We’ve already seen one upset today. Keep your eyes on this 12-5 matchup.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:20 pm

UNC now has its largest lead of the game after two Luke Maye free throws. Tar Heels are up 55-42.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:12 pm

Halftime between Arkansas and Butler. Bulldogs head into the lockerroom with the 36-31 lead. But man, did the Razorbacks make up some ground down the stretch after an ugly start.

We’ll see if they can keep it going in the second half.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:03 pm

Peep this Darious Hall dunk for the Razorbacks. Look. Out. Below.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20183:00 pm

And Arkansas is right back in it! Razorbacks are on a 13-0 run and have pulled within one! 27-26 Butler hanging onto the lead by a thread now.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:58 pm

FINAL: No. 2 Cincinnati runs away with it in the end to top No. 15 Georgia State 68-53. Bearcats will get winner of Nevada/Texas next.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:56 pm

Razorbacks are starting to chip away a bit. Daryl Macon hits two free throws to pull them within single digits, 27-19 at 6:48 mark.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:51 pm

Arkansas’ offensive woes continuing against Butler. Hogs shooting just 25%. They trail 27-13 with under 8 to play in the first.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:49 pm

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:48 pm

Also the first time in over a decade that TWO No. 13 seeds have advanced over a No. 4 seed. Auburn is set to tip off tonight and the Tigers have to be on high alert.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:48 pm

And that’s it! Marshall upsets Wichita State 81-75. Thundering Herd win their first NCAA Tournament game EVER.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:46 pm

No. 2 UNC regains control before halftime to go into the break up 43-34 over No. 15 Lipscomb.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:45 pm

WOW. Wichita State turns over the inbound pass. Marshall’s ball up 5 with only 11.6 to play.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:43 pm

Marshall and Wichita State fans both holding their breath right now.
Shockers had multiple chances to make it a one-possession game but come up empty. Shockers down 5 with 15.9 to play.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:39 pm

No. 2 Cincinnati has started to pull away from No. 15 Georgia State. Bearcats up 59-49 now. 

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:37 pm

And pretty much as I type that: Daryl Macon hits a jumper and draws the foul to end the drought. Makes it 21-5 Butler still in control.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:36 pm

Arkansas REALLY struggling to get anything to go right now. Butler is up big 21-2 just 13:39 into the game. Razorbacks haven’t scored in five minutes.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:32 pm

Lipscomb still giving UNC a run for their money on WHNT. Tied at 31 with about four minutes left to play in the first.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:30 pm

WE HAVE A GAME STILL, Y’ALL! 44.1 left to play and Wichita State just hit a three to make it 78-75. The way these teams are shooting..this is anyone’s game.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:28 pm

No. 7 Arkansas with a slow start against No. 10 Butler. Hogs trailing 12-2 early in the first half.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:26 pm

UH OH, upset alert on high! Just under 2 to play, the Herd have stretched their lead over the Shockers, 78-72. CJ Burks with the steal and the dunk to make it a two possession game!

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:24 pm

And there you go!! Georgia State takes the lead over Cincy, 45-44! 10:22 left in the game. Plenty of time for insanity to ensue.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:23 pm

Georgia State isn’t backing down against Cincy! Panthers down 44-43 to the Bearcats midway through the second half.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:21 pm

If you even blink watching this Marshall/Wichita State game you’ll miss something. Just under 5:00 to play and the Shockers are up 70-69.

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:10 pm

Best game of the day?! No. 13 Marshall and No. 4 Wichita State are trading blows right now! Just under 8 minutes left to play and the Shockers just hit a 3 to go up 65-62.

TOC March 16, 20182:10 pm

Taylor Tannebaum is at the controls of live blogging for the rest of the day, folks……The day is in full control.  Thank you!

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:06 pm

Oh yeah, hey there…Taylor Tannebaum here! I’ll be keeping you updated from here on out. My bracket is already ugly but we’re still ballin’ over here!

Taylor Tannebaum March 16, 20182:04 pm

No. 2 North Carolina and No 15. Lipscomb have tipped off on WHNT! It’s early in the first but Lipscomb has a slight edge over UNC 12-9.

TOC March 16, 20181:57 pm

Wichita State and Marshall are all knotted at 52…..12:30 left in the game

TOC March 16, 20181:50 pm

74-48….Purdue makes quick work of CS-Fullerton to move on to Round 2.

TOC March 16, 20181:45 pm

35-30 Bearcats over the Panthers at the break.

TOC March 16, 20181:44 pm

Cincinnati is slowly building a lead over Georgia State…..35-30…..Panthers are hanging tough.

TOC March 16, 20181:37 pm

These guys are certainly feeling the Tournament “mojo”……Is this you at your office desk after you picked an upset?

TOC March 16, 20181:34 pm

TOC March 16, 20181:31 pm

Wichita State is up 3 at the break over Marshall…..37-34

TOC March 16, 20181:28 pm

TOC March 16, 20181:27 pm

The SEC moves to 5-0 after Texas A&M picks up a 1st round win over Providence, 73-69.

TOC March 16, 20181:24 pm

Georgia State is giving Cincinnati all they’ve got!  Do they have some Tournament Magic to pull another 15 over 2 upset?

TOC March 16, 20181:21 pm

TOC March 16, 20181:20 pm

Boilermakers are steam-rolling over CS-Fullerton…..Up 54-33…Under 10:00 to go.

TOC March 16, 20181:16 pm

Aggies with a 10-point lead now over Providence,….2:00 minutes left.

TOC March 16, 20181:05 pm

Now Georgia State and Cincinnati are hooping it up…….Panthers up early over the Bearcats 5-1

TOC March 16, 20181:04 pm

Thundering Herd rolling against the Shockers…..28-21 with 5:00 to go in the first.

TOC March 16, 20181:03 pm

Purdue is pulling away from CS-Fullerton….now up 41-23 with under 16:00 to go in the game.

TOC March 16, 201812:39 pm

Friars and Aggies tied at 37…..14:36 left in the game.

TOC March 16, 201812:34 pm

TOC March 16, 201812:34 pm

Marshall and Wichita State are just underway…..3-1 Thundering Herd

TOC March 16, 201812:30 pm

Texas A&M and Providence have started back…..31-30 Aggies

TOC March 16, 201812:24 pm

Purdue expanding their lead…..27-20
over CS-Fullerton

TOC March 16, 201812:21 pm

Purdue has their hands full of Titans!  Up 22-18 in a low scoring game.

David Kumbroch March 16, 201812:13 pm

David Kumbroch March 16, 201812:12 pm

TAMU brought it back from an ugly start. VERY curious to see which version of them comes out in the second half. 

TOC March 16, 201812:09 pm

TOC March 16, 201812:08 pm

Wichita State and Marshall are on deck.

TOC March 16, 201811:53 am

Boilermakers holding a slim 11-9 lead over the Titans.

TOC March 16, 201811:50 am

Now the Aggies and Friars are going back and forth….22-21 Providence

TOC March 16, 201811:48 am

TOC March 16, 201811:41 am

Purdue and CS-Fullerton have just tipped-off.

TOC March 16, 201811:36 am

All tied at 9…..Texas A&M and Providence

TOC March 16, 201811:35 am

Aggies pull close…..now trail 9-7 to Providence

TOC March 16, 201811:34 am

#2 Purdue and #15 Cal St. Fullerton tip off in just a few minutes.

TOC March 16, 201811:32 am

David Kumbroch March 16, 201811:30 am

If you wondered what I meant by “a mess,” check out the video below.

David Kumbroch March 16, 201811:30 am

TOC March 16, 201811:30 am

Texas A&M has only scored 2 points in 7 minutes of play.

TOC March 16, 201811:29 am

What’s better than one day of 16 NCAA Basketball Tournament games???  a second day of the exact same thing…..March Madness continues!!!!

David Kumbroch March 16, 201811:28 am

Providence is only up 6-2, but it could be much worse.

David Kumbroch March 16, 201811:28 am

Texas A&M looks a mess.

David Kumbroch March 16, 201811:21 am

Day 2 is underway! 10-seed Providence jumps out to a very early 4-0 lead on 7-seed Texas A&M, while the SEC looks to continue on an impressive tournament performance so far.