Huntsville Botanical Garden looking to attract more young professionals

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Huntsville Botanical Garden is looking for ways to grow its membership in numbers and by age. They're specifically talking about young professionals.

"We have noticed in the past few years that we're missing some of our younger professionals in the community," said Marketing Manager, Katelyn Henderson. "Some of them have not even visited the Garden."

Finding out how they can be a destination or weekend spot for young professionals is what the garden is paying close attention to.

"We're really focusing on tailoring our events -- making them more fun and youthful and enjoyable for everyone," said Henderson.

Henderson says along with the exhibits they host all year long, new events and programs geared toward the young adult demographic are in the works.

For now, Development Officer, Kalli Mitchell, says they will need a plan that carries them for years down the road.

"As time goes on, our volunteers are getting older, it's our turn to say, 'What can we do?' and 'How do we make this relevant for generations to come?'"

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