Fringe flower may have a home in your yard

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Chinese loropetalum, or fringe flower, is a very popular, colorful, and versatile landscape shrub. Most often you'll see a maroon leaf with a fuchsia or red flower, but some varieties can have a green leaf or a white flower.

Loropetalum prefer being in the sun, but they can tolerate the shade. They bloom in early spring, so if you want to prune them, wait until after flowering. Typically they are evergreen but you can expect some foliage to fall off during the winter.

There are a number of varieties that can fit most situations in your yard or landscape. Dwarf varieties reach two to three feet tall and wide, while other cultivars can reach six to eight feet. If you have the room, you can choose one of the large growing varieties, let it get to its maximum size, and then prune it to be a small tree.

Regardless of what size, flower, or leaf color, there are plenty of varieties of loropetalum that may have a home in your landscape.

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