It’s a pouch that lets pizza lovers never put the pie down!

Forget everything you have ever known about pizza.

Open your mind, and your mouth, to the possibility that you can carry pizza wherever you go without a single morsel going to waste.

The Pizza Pocket claims to make this all possible.

It's a portable pizza solution that you can take with you anywhere-- literally, anywhere. It can accommodate your constant craving for a full-size pizza slice at any hour of the day.

The freshlock zip keeps your pizza contained and close by for your eating pleasure. And most importantly, you never have to be without a slice.

We got hungry and tested its portability in an environment where the fun never stops.

"I mean if you're in the market for needing something to hang from your neck to eat pizza from, it does the job," said Andrew McLeroy, a fearless pizza lover who confidently wore the Pizza Pocket in public for several hours.

But the Pizza Pocket got very messy, very fast.

"I have concerns about the residue that's left over...that makes me feel a little not good," McLeroy said. "Wearing it in a public place makes me feel weird. Everyone stares at me because I have pizza as a necklace. And I feel like that's not a good look."

This product is definitely *cheesy*... but if you're looking for a funny gift to buy a pizza-loving friend, for $10, the Pizza Pocket might be a deal for you.