Florence man found guilty of Capital Murder given death penalty plus 20 years

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TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – In February, he was convicted of capital murder for his part in the shooting death of a Tuscumbia teen. Tuesday morning, Benjamin Young learned his fate of whether or not he would be put to death.

A little more than two years ago, Kijana Freeman was gunned down while sitting in his car at a Tuscumbia apartment complex. Now the first man convicted of his death has been sentenced to death himself.

Do you have any remorse? “I can’t have remorse for something I didn’t do,” stated Young as he was escorted from the Colbert County Courthouse.

Young was also convicted of first-degree assault for shooting a 17-year-old who was in the car with Freeman.

During the penalty face of the trial, 11 jurors recommended Young be put to death with one juror voting against it.

Kijana Freeman

In the hearing Tuesday morning, a family member of the victim read a statement aloud. Jessica Freeman Simmons said Kijana’s life had value. She later added, time has passed since his death, but it hasn’t gotten any easier.

After a short break, Judge Hal Hughston returned to the courtroom. He agreed with the jury’s recommendation and sentenced Benjamin Young to death by lethal injection. He also sentenced Young to 20-years in prison for the assault conviction.

Judge Hughston’s parting words to Benjamin Young were, May God have mercy on your soul.

Young does have the right to appeal the capital murder conviction and sentence. According to the courts, he has 42-days to make an appeal.

Three more men accused of capital murder in this case are awaiting trial in Colbert County.

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