Church security focus of a Saturday conference in Florence

FLORENCE, Ala. – Since 1999, almost 100 people have died in church shootings across the United States. One of the most recent and close to home happened in Antioch, Tennessee back in September.

With recent violence aimed at congregations, many churches have been putting security teams in place. A conference geared towards church security is happening this Saturday in Florence.

They are one of the fastest growing congregations in the nation. On any given Sunday, more than 2,100 people attend Faith Church in Florence. Lead Pastor Steve Huskey knows all too well the importance of having security in places of worship.

Pastor Steve Huskey

“I would probably think they are more vulnerable than most, because you have hundreds potentially thousands of people sitting/facing one direction with not a lot of awareness behind them. So I think it is very important that we pray for the best, but prepare for the worst,” explained Huskey.

Part of Faith Church’s preparation is having a security team. Men and women who train to deal with situations if they arise. They are hosting a conference on Saturday, to help other congregations across the Valley navigate church security.

“Protecting the Flock is giving fellowships tools and mechanisms for creating their security programs; making their security programs better,” stated Matt Holt, Faith Church Security Team Co-Director.

Matt Holt

Holts says they have partnered with LightHorse Tactical to educate churches on some of the most important issues they may face.

“From legal aspects, they will bring in medical aspects, as well as tactical and team movement type of scenarios as well.”

Holt says preparation and education are key to church security. Knowledge he hopes they never have to use.

The “Protecting the Flock” conference is open to all congregations in the Valley. The link will give you more information and the ability to register for Saturday’s conference.