Community comes together to support victims of the Brixworth apartment fire

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- The fire at the Brixworth at Bridge Street Apartments displaced 17 people. The community is now coming together to help those who lost their home, and everything in it,

Krista Thomas was nearby when the fire broke out.

"Somebody had just ran in and said there was a fire, I had no idea it was as huge as it was until we ran outside," Thomas said. "I had a blanket in my car, I went to gave it to one of the victims, anything you can do at that moment."

Now, days later, Thomas is looking to do more for those 17 people displaced by the fire.

"The pets and of course the humans that are there, I mean you want to make sure that everybody's okay," Thomas said.

She works for another apartment complex, The Moderne at Providence. She said she knows how traumatic and overwhelming this can be.

"Just to try and take anything off their shoulders, try and make it easier for them to help out," Thomas said.

She started the Brixworth at Bridgestreet Fire Relief Facebook page, for people to post items they wish to donate, and for victims to post items that they need.

"When these families go through stuff like this, they don't have anything from a phone charger to a pot or a pan to cook for their family," Thomas said.

She said she knows the community will do whatever it can to help out.

"Huntsville has an extremely big heart. They always come together when it comes to situations like this."

She said donations can also be dropped off at The Moderne at Providence apartments.