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Volunteers help multiple people convicted of certain crimes restore their right to vote

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Because of a law that was recently passed in Alabama, those convicted of certain crimes are able to restore their voting rights.

Attorney Jonathan Barry-Blocker helped multiple people with past felony convictions take the necessary steps to regain their right to vote. He, along with others, volunteered Saturday at a voter rights restoration clinic in Huntsville.

"I think it's immensely important", said Barry-Blocker. "It's estimated that over a quarter million Alabama citizens cannot vote because of their felony history."

He said many with past convictions may be eligible to vote and just don't know it. Some may have never even lost those rights in the first place.

"Having even one person get their right to vote back would make us feel like we've done what we needed to do," said Kathy Jones, the President of the Tennessee Valley League of Women Voters.

"I love to see them just light up with the fact that yes, now they're gonna jump in the fight. Yes, they're gonna cast their ballot. Yes, they're gonna help out cause they feel like their voice is going to be heard and taken seriously," explained Barry-Blocker.