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Updated complaints submitted in Madison County Sheriff’s Office sexual harassment investigation

MADISON, Ala. — The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is currently facing four sexual harassment and retaliation lawsuits. The lawsuits were all filed in recent months by Florence-based attorney Michael Weathers who represents both current and former sheriff’s office employees.

More on the Madison County Sheriff’s Office sexual harassment investigation:

Lawyers for the sheriff’s office and Madison County have argued the lawsuits should be dismissed because they’re too long, and not specific enough. Updated complaints have now been submitted for two of the lawsuits facing challenges based on length. One went from 93 pages to 26. The other was reduced from 625 pages to 31.

The new complaints are more focused, but the claims remain the same. They say the county and the sheriff’s office ignored their own policies in dealing with sexual harassment.

The complaints outline the harassment claims and offer tight timelines where they allege that women who came forward complaining about harassment were disciplined, demoted and in one case, fired.

They also continue to argue there’s a double-standard that male deputies who engaged in alleged sexual misconduct were not disciplined.