Don’t forget to check your smoke detectors

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - Smoke detectors are vital to have in your homes, apartments, cabins or even boats. "Majority of fire deaths occur where smoke alarms are not present or not working," says Fire Chief Gene Necklaus. Not only are they important to have, but it's equally important to make sure they work.

The Scottsboro Fire Department is taking that extra step to help residents in the area make sure they're safe. "Smoke alarms need to be checked once a month." Batteries need to be changed twice a year.

Experts recommend using Daylight Saving Time to remind you to make that change. "The alarms that we're installing have a 10-year life battery, so it's a sealed system. You don't change the battery. After 10-years you replace the fire alarm," says Chief Necklaus.

With funding from the state, the Scottsboro Fire Department is able to help change out those batteries or even install these new detectors in the homes of their residents. "We occasionally get calls from people who are outside of the city limits, but we're lucky that Jackson County and most of north Alabama that the rural departments and volunteer departments are willing to do the same program."

Chief Necklaus says they're grateful to be available for the people they serve.