Student nomination wins Russ Gant $319 at West Limestone High School

LIMESTONE COUNTY,  Ala. - Russ Gant won $319 for his classroom! He teaches agriscience at West Limestone County High School. He has been there a long time; 24 years!

Mr. Gant already has a few ideas of how to put the money to good use. "We can buy shop supplies, lumber and gas for our welders, welding wire and that kind of things. These students tend to well with hands on activities." said Russ Gant.

Kayleigh McDaniel nominated Mr. Gant for the Tools For Teachers Award.

As for being nominated by one of his students. "It's special. It makes you feel good. Really and truthfully an award like this means more to me than from my administrators or even the superintendent," said Grant. "It shows the administrators and the superintendent actually, when a student nominates you, what you really do everyday."

Principal Charlotte Craig is also appreciative of the honor. "We love having our teachers recognized because our teachers is what makes our school great." said Craig.

Tell us about a public school teacher you feel deserves recognition. Send us your nomination today! Honorees will receive $319 for their classroom. Nominees must teach in K-12 public schools in the WHNT News 19 viewing area.