Gate 9 closed for a few hours Wednesday after “incident” involving rogue driver

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Gate 9 to Redstone Arsenal closed for some time on Wednesday as Redstone Arsenal police handled an "incident," according to officials.

We're told a driver tried to access the arsenal through Gate 9 without pausing to get through gate security. An active barrier system deployed and stopped the driver from getting onto the installation, said Chris Colster, Garrison spokesman. Colster said the driver was taken to Crestwood Medical Center and the gate barriers needed to be repaired.

Now, inbound and outbound lanes at Gate 9 are back open. According to Redstone Arsenal spokesperson Chris Colster, repairs have been made and the gate is fully operational.

"We had a vehicle come through the gate and he did not slow down or stop or present his credentials to get on the arsenal," Colster said. "The security of our arsenal is the number one priority, along with the safety of our personnel. We hope everyone sees one more time that we are able to secure the arsenal and keep our personnel safe, whatever the conditions are."

Gate 9 is the gate located at the southern end of Research Park Blvd.

Officials have not yet released the name of the driver, his or her condition, and whether or not he or she will be charged in this case. Redstone Arsenal Police are still investigating what happened.

Team Redstone released the following information earlier Thursday afternoon:

Gate 9 outbound is currently closed and motorists should exit the Arsenal at alternate gates until further notice.

An unauthorized motorist attempted to enter Redstone Arsenal at Gate 9 just before noon, today. The Redstone Arsenal guards activated the active barrier system to halt the vehicle. The motorist was apprehended but the barrier system was slightly damaged.

Crews are currently repairing the damage. All other gates are operating under normal conditions.

The incident is under investigation. One person has been evacuated to Crestwood Hospital.

"We employ overlapping and sometimes redundant security systems to keep our Arsenal secure and our personnel safe," said Chris Colster, Redstone Arsenal Garrison Spokesman. "Today, our personnel reacted with expertise and our systems worked well."

The active barrier system deployed involves a net that can "catch" cars in order to stop them, Colster explained.

"It deploys up out of the ground. It's essentially a net that comes up out of the ground to catch the vehicle," he stated.

While Colster did not go into further detail, previous reporting reveals the system is called the GRAB net system. It stands for ground retractable automobile barrier. You can read more about it by clicking this link.

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