Franklin County students accuse photographers of inappropriate touching

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. – A sheriff’s office investigation is underway in Franklin County involving a local school. Students in two grades have told authorities they were inappropriately touched.

Over the last two weeks, Sheriff Shannon Oliver said his investigators have been busy. They’ve interviewed numerous students at Tharptown School and have taken at least 11-reports from parents. Fifth and sixth grade students have said they were victimized while getting their school pictures made.

“The reports we got, there were a couple of individuals doing photography and basically some of the accusations is that they touched the children inappropriately and made them feel uncomfortable,” explained Sheriff Oliver.

Sheriff Shannon Oliver

The sheriff wouldn’t go into detail about how the two photographers touched the students. WHNT News 19 has been told the accusations involve both male and female students.

Oliver said the company which employs the two men has been photographing students for years and is a reputable business. Investigators have been trying to set up interviews with the two men about the accusations.

“As a parent, I would want somebody to thoroughly look through every aspect of the investigation.”

According to Sheriff Oliver, more reports will likely be made as the investigation continues to unfold.