ALDOT and Madison County begin tackling dangerous intersections on HWY 72 with new study

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- Thousands of drivers get on to 72 East and West every day, but too many of them don't come home.

Last month the Alabama Department of Transportation and Madison County began work on tackling a huge safety issue. But both ALDOT and the county have been in talks and conducting preliminary work since November. The goal is to find the best solution to make Highway 72 and nine of its intersections safer for drivers.

"When they saw us come to the table, they were willing to help and they've been a huge help in addressing some traffic concerns on highway 72," said District 3 County Commissioner Craig Hill about ALDOT.

The project is funded entirely by ALDOT through federal safety funding and encompasses the area from Shields Road to Brock Road.

Some in the area have been noticing cameras set up near stop signs. Consulting company, Volkert, began starting to count traffic for various movements this week.

"This is part of that corridor study, it's just getting more information for those dangerous intersections," said Hill.

Those dangerous intersections like Ryland Pike, Wall Road and Dug Hill are susceptible to major wrecks. Just last week two vehicles were involved in a wreck that claimed the life of an elderly man and sent five others to the hospital.

Hill says the district has received insurance funds for a caution light that was destroyed in an accident on Dug Hill. They are now in the process of putting in LED signage they believe will be more effective.

ALDOT anticipates having the results and a concept from Volkert by the summer. A funding source has not been identified yet for any projects resulting from the study findings.

In the meantime, those memorials can only serve as a reminder to drivers to continue taking caution in the area.