Yellowhammer Brewery shares thoughts on proposed aluminum tariffs

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – If the president's plan to impose tariffs goes into effect it will impact breweries who put their beer in cans, including places like Yellowhammer Brewing.

The brewery has built up a huge reputation and recently they decided to start selling their beer by the can. "The market really accepts beer cans better. You can take them a lot more places. You can go to the beach with them," General Manager Ethan Couch said.

Producing canned beer has been something Yellowhammer has been wanting to do for a year. General manager Ethan Couch said canned beer is better for the beer quality and has a longer shelf life.

The day the company launched cans was when they found out President Donald Trump's plan to impose a 10% tariff on aluminum.

"It's scary, I know The Brewers Association is trying to fight the tariffs and they are standing up against it. We are a member with them and would oppose it as well in terms how it affects us," Couch said.

If the tariffs are implemented things could change; like the way they purchase aluminum.

"We use a supplier in the Southeast and a package supplier, so we order cans through them and they come by truckload. We buy in bulk already," Couch explained.

Couch said they may have to buy in bigger bulk or raise their prices; which he said his beer consumers would have a hard time swallowing that.  For now, they`re going to continue to celebrate the launch of cans.

"We are really excited about the cans so right now I am not scared about the tariffs," Couch said.

While the tariff threat remains to be seen, Yellowhammer brewers don't see it flattening sales anytime soon. Couch said 98% of all sheet aluminum is made in the United States, but the raw products do come from overseas.