Huntsville Police say team work helps solve crimes across the city

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- Since the start of the year, there have been seven homicides in the Rocket City. Some people may say that number is high, but the Huntsville Police Department says those numbers aren't any higher than past years.

Back in 2017 there were 22 reported homicides. In 2016 there were 18 and in 2015 there were 19.

"We have an average of 19.5 homicides over the last three years," explained Captain Mike Izzo with the Huntsville Police Department.

Izzo said the Huntsville Police Department has been able to solve the majority of the murder cases. In 2017, they solved all but one.

"That's a 95.5 clearance rate. The national average is 59.2," explained Izzo.

Izzo said working together with HPD's precinct commanders is how they maintain a high clearance rate.

"What we try to do is make sure that we have an equal, as much as we can possibly do it, an equal number of police officers spread across a specific geographic part of the city, so that we have adequate response times," said Captain Jeshenry Malone.

"We work as a team. We communicate with one another," said Captain Jeffery Rice. "We meet with one another to make sure we are giving constant police service across this city."

The work the police officers do on the streets is ultimately sent back to Izzo and his department.

"Their officers go out there and gather case reports and those case reports filter to me and my men to solve the crime," said Izzo.

Izzo added solving crime is a team effort between HPD and the public.

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