Paint Rock River floods Butler Mill and Mill Road in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - Water from the Paint Rock River is spilling over east of the Grant community and other parts of North Marshall County. "Our soils were already saturated prior to this heavy rainfall. Plus we did have some heavy thunderstorms early on Thursday morning which dumped a lot of rain," says Anita McBurnett, director of the Marshall County EMA.

Marshall County EMA says the flood level for the Paint Rock River is 16 feet. With all the rain from the week, the river surpassed its flood stage. "Where the Paint Rock River makes a bend right on Butler Mill Road, that area which is flat out in that area, it did flood," says McBurnett.

The Marshall County EMA says it could take a couple of days to clear all of this water out and that's only if it doesn't rain anymore. "If we see heavy, heavy rains again, we could be back in this same situation quite rapidly because, like I said, our soils are so saturated. It's going to take a while to dry out, several days."

Again, they're advising all of those traveling near Butler Mill and Mill Road to avoid the areas until the water is all cleared.