Law enforcement increase presence at Cherokee High after threat

CHEROKEE, Ala. – Educators and law enforcement in Colbert County dealt with a major disruption on Friday in Cherokee.

Deputies, police officers, and state troopers were on the campuses of Cherokee High School and elementary early Friday morning. Peering through windows and walking the halls; they were on a mission.

Sheriff Frank Williamson

“We don’t want to cause panic, but we do want to take care of the situation,” stated Colbert County Sheriff Frank Williamson.

According to Superintendent Gale Satchel, a student found a message written inside a restroom stall. Satchel says the message simply said “School Shooting March 2, 2018”.

“It is very disturbing that one of our very own would take the time to write the message in our restroom,” said Satchel. “It’s not fair to our faculty, our students, and to our community.”

To make sure students and teachers were safe at school, Satchel immediately notified law enforcement. She said they are still trying to determine who left the message and why.

Superintendent Gale Sachtel

“No one is laughing,” explained Satchel. “It’s not a joke when no one is laughing, and at this point, we are not laughing. We are taking this seriously, and whoever has written this will be held accountable.”

Satchel said 75 of the 200 students at Cherokee High came on to school despite the threat. Attendance was even lower on the elementary school campus.

If anyone knows who may have left the message in the restroom stall to contact the Colbert County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Williamson said the student will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.