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Colbert County mom taking traffic control into her own hands

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. – There’s a Colbert County mother who has been frustrated and now she is on a mission. Her child escaped severe injury by mere inches as a vehicle hit a school bus and sped by the open door.

Rena Ussery

The skid marks may have started to fade, but what happened on January 26th is still fresh on the mind of Rena Ussery.

“As I got closer and I didn’t see my son, and I seen that truck in that ditch, there was bad thoughts.”

Ussery lives along U.S. Highway 72 in Colbert County near Hawk Pride Mountain Road. As her son was getting off the bus that afternoon police reports indicate the driver of truck hit the bus at 65-miles per hour. The truck bounced off the passenger side of the bus and ended up in a culvert.

The bus driver pulled Ussery’s son back inside as they saw the truck coming forward.

“For kids getting on this Highway 72 for the bus stop, it is very dangerous,” declared Ussery.

She is now making it her mission to slow drivers down. Every morning and afternoon Ussery puts on her yellow vest and grabs a flashlight.

“I’m flashing this light, just like this here. That way they can see both on each side, and it is a bright light, to make them slow down.”

Ussery said there have been far too many vehicles who simply ignore the busses stopping on Highway 72.

“I want everybody to slow down,” explained Ussery. “Honor these busses, they’ve got them lights on for a reason. Yellow, slow down. Red, stop.”

So, Ussery said she will be out there every time her children are going to be boarding or departing a bus with her light.

State Troopers have been patrolling the area of the bus stop pulling over cars which fail to stop. Rena Ussery is wanting signs and flashing lights put up on U.S. Highway 72 to warn drivers.