Calhoun Community College’s graduation rates see significant increase

DECATUR, Ala. - Friday morning, Calhoun Community College made a major announcement about its graduation rates and professional development programs. Faculty and staff celebrated Employee Appreciation Day on Friday with good news about the college's graduation rates over the last year.

"We've gone from a 13 percent graduation rate to a 25 percent graduation rate and for community college that is very high," said Calhoun President, James Klauber.

That's 92 percent since 2014 -- something Klauber said is not expected for a community college.

"We really overhauled our student services department to where we became much more of a high touch, high contact student services area where we reach out, we advise students, we work with them through their educational process and contract them through that process," said Klauber.

According to the college, the most significant increases are in the college's Advanced Manufacturing program where graduates go on to work for companies like Toyota and Polaris.

But they aren't stopping at the recent increases.

"We have the team assembled here to take that college really to the next level to play on the national stage and that's what we want to do," said Klauber.