Scottsboro City Schools superintendent says he isn’t comfortable with the idea of arming teachers

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. - The ripple effect from the Parkland, Fla. shooting is being felt by many schools.

Scottsboro school officials posted on Facebook the different safety precautions they will make in order to keep their students safe. "We wanted to give a little bit of time and allow some of the emotion to die down and then we wanted to allow our people to know exactly what we do in terms of safety," explained Superintendent Jay Reyes.

A new call system at every school entrance, additional active shooter drills with both students and teachers, along with the city's school resource officers are just a number of practices they're adding. "The reason we do that is so our students and our faculty will be better trained and they'll just be more up to date on what they need to do," said Superintendent Reyes.

Superintendent Reyes' Facebook statement calls for balancing more safety in schools without weighing on the shoulders of teachers. "For me as a superintendent and someone who's been in education for 22 years, I would say I am not in favor of arming teachers."

He says he is in fact in favor of adding more School Resource Officers on campuses instead of arming teachers. "Some of the talk has been people who have been retired, whether that be law enforcement or military, you know I certainly think that's something certainly consider."

For now, Superintendent Reyes says teachers with firearms in classrooms is something he isn't quite comfortable with.