Mosquitos are on the rise as we receive a lot of rain and warm weather

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. - The return of warm weather mixed with all the rainy days we've had could bring a biting problem around a lot earlier this year, mosquitoes.

"This has generally been warmer than most Februarys. With the unseasonably warm temperatures, we've already seen tons of mosquito pressure," says Paul Moultrie, owner of Mosquito Authority.

When mosquitoes are bad for you, it's good business for Paul Moultrie. He says an excess amount of mosquitoes can be dangerous to both humans and animals. "Their only job is to try and bite you and that's how they transport diseases from one person to another."

Mosquitoes need only two things to reproduce: blood meals and water. "Mosquitoes have to start their life cycle in water." Mosquitoes can breed in any place that there's standing water for a long period of time, that means in puddles like this in your backyard or even water bottle tops as small as these.

It's important to check key areas around your home after a hard rain or thunderstorm to help prevent the mass reproduction of mosquitoes. "Just try to keep an eye out on your bird baths, kids toys," says Moultrie. "Anything that sits for a couple of days with water."

That can also include your gutters or any drainage areas. "Something like a frisbee overturned, that can produce thousands of mosquitoes every year." Taking that extra step to dump any standing water can help take the bite out of mosquito season around your home and family.