Flood Warnings Issued Across the Tennessee Valley

Image: NWS Huntsville


Waves of heavy rain continue to move through north Alabama and southern middle Tennessee this week, soaking the area with an additional 2-4 inches of rainfall in just a small amount of time between Tuesday night and early Thursday morning.

With all the rain that has fallen already (as well as the rain that is yet to come), a flood watch is in effect for the entire Tennessee Valley.

Areal flood warnings have been issued for areas that are experiencing nuisance ponding in low-lying areas and roadways. In addition, the National Weather Service has also issued River Flood Warnings for the following:

    • Elk River near Fayetteville
    • Elk River near Prospect
    • Big Nance Creek at Courtland
    • Paint Rock River near Woodville
    • Flint River at Brownsboro
    • Shoal Creek near Iron City
    • Richland Creek near Pulaski

A flood warning means that flooding along the river is imminent or occurring. Residents living along creeks and streams should take immediate precautions to move to higher ground to escape flood waters.

Those who do not live near rivers, creeks or streams should also be on alert for flash flooding conditions, especially near clogged storm drains and poor drainage areas. Flash flooding can occur when a heavy thunderstorm dumps inches of rain within a short amount of time.

Be sure to heed any flood warnings that are in effect, as this underrated danger has the potential to impact anyone who attempts to walk or drive through them.